Do you need a new Central Heating system?

central heating

Is your existing central heating performing poorly? Modern heating systems are far more energy efficient and cost effective to run over time.

Gas Safety Inspections for Landlords & Businesses


Landlords are legally obliged to have all their rental properties inspected every 12 months for gas safety. We offer landlords peace of mind with reminders, inspections and reports to help prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Electrofusion Welding

Electrofusion welding is a process of permanently welding PE fittings and pipe before they are buried. This jointing system has proved far more reliable and cost effective than using mechanical fittings and the range of applications is greater. We frequently use this system for medium
pressure LPG systems. Electrofusion fittings and tube are also available for water and drainage.

Jon Longhurst can offer a full range of Fusion Welding services including Natural Gas and LPG to an unlimited size and volume. We are also qualified to carry out the testing and purging of these services (see below) so there will be no requirement for an additional contractor.


Testing & Purging

We are suitably qualified, tooled and experienced to carry out Natural Gas and LPG purges safely, to any size or volume, in accordance with theInstitution of Gas Engineers and Managers document IGE/UP/1 and IGE/UP/1A.

We can also decommission gas pipework using the same standard purging from gas to Nitrogen. Our clients receive a completion certificate indicating how we have achieved a satisfactory commission or decommission.

Commercial Boiler Installations & Maintenance

We offer our commercial clients customized maintenance schedules for their mechanical services and plant rooms. Depending on the situation and equipment installed we will suggest service intervals and associated costs, and estimated life expectances of various components in order that we prevent unnecessary breakdown.

Our primary boiler manufacturer we use is Buderus who are part of the Bosch group and they have continued to provide us and our clients with the highest quality boilers and controls as well as excellent customer service and support. For more information please visit the Buderus website.